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KA102 - KA103

IES Jaroso

Final KA120 award

Achieved !!! Definitive award of Erasmus KA120 accreditations (2021-2027) published

Coordinación Erasmus

We are among the few centers in Almería with the Erasmus Accreditation (ka120) approved and selected for the period 2021-2027. The Erasmus accreditation implies a commitment to our European vocation for the coming years.

Award KA120

Awarding of Erasmus accreditations KA120 (2021-2027)

Coordinación Erasmus

We are! Our dream that the Jaroso Vocational Training offers the possibility of practicing and learning in Europe is closer and closer and for all training cycles. We must thank colleague Lorena for all her work, passion and dedication with the Erasmus IES Jaroso program.

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