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Students of the higher level training cycle in Web Application Development, doing the FCT in Ireland

There are two students of the Higher Degree in Web Application Development doing the training practices until May 31 in the city of Waterford (Ireland)

Coordinación Erasmus

This 2022-2023 academic year we have had two applicants to carry out an Erasmus+ mobility in the KA103 project that ends this year. As we had two mobilities left and there were two suitable applicants, the mobilities were automatically assigned to them.

The application period for Erasmus+ KA103 faculty mobility is open

The deadline to apply for Erasmus+ mobility scholarships for training and teaching Higher Degree teachers (or management team) is open.

Coordinación Erasmus

Call is open to apply for two Erasmus+ mobilities with the aim of either learning new techniques and methodologies related to the corresponding Professional Family, or learning new techniques and methodologies for good management of IES Jaroso. This type of mobility is not to go with students, only the teacher would go.

Assessment of Erasmus+ summer scholarship applications for higher technical cycles

The scale of the applications submitted for Erasmus+ mobility scholarships in the summer period is published.

Coordinación Erasmus

We publish the scale of the applications submitted for Erasmus+ mobility grants in the summer period. There are two requests from students of the upper cycle of Guide, Information and Tourist Assistance, and this is the final order according to the scale made according to the criteria established and published on this website.

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